Linda Kochmar’s work is not yet done

Linda has enriched the city of Federal Way with accomplishments and dedication to community that nobody could equal.

The Nov. 5 election panic is here.

How do we decide? One should look at the candidate’s contributions to the community, the people who endorse them, and the respect they receive from their community. One can find their websites and listen to their speeches. What motivates them? Do they represent your values? My quick answer: consider Linda Kochmar, candidate for Federal Way City Council, Pos. 7.

Linda has an impressive list of accomplishments: 30th District State Representative, four years; Federal Way City Council, 14 years; elected by her colleagues as deputy mayor twice, and then as mayor in 2010. She was voted “Best City Leader” twice by the readers of the Federal Way Mirror.

She has enriched the city of Federal Way with accomplishments and dedication to community that nobody could equal. It is remarkable the respect she has won; not only from the people in the community, but regionally, and nationally.

Along her public service journey she has found truth in trials, lessons by listening and progress through process. Linda has listened to you and earned your respect. With all that that she has done she could have ended her days as a public servant and found a sunny place in Tahiti to relax. Are you kidding? Not Linda! Linda’s reward is the honor of serving you.

Linda knows her work is not done yet. These are critical times for Federal Way. The citizens have need for her wealth of experience in municipal government. That includes crime prevention and public safety, economic growth and job creation, helping the homeless and vulnerable, combating drug addiction with compassion and treatment, and returning fiscal responsibility.

These are challenges not for the rookie and inexperienced. These are goals that Linda can help accomplish with her great energy, hard work, expertise and your vote.

Maureen Bernardy

Federal Way

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