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Kochmar gets the job done

Kochmar has extensive experience that will guide Federal Way back to financial solvency.

Federal Way faces enormous financial challenges, and Linda Kochmar is our best candidate for the upcoming City Council Position 7. Kochmar has extensive experience that will guide the city back to financial solvency, as she has proven in the past that she can get the job done.

As a two-term 30th District state representative, Linda was voted Outstanding Legislator of the Year. She obtained $12 million in transportation funding and $10 million for our community. Kochmar previously served on the Federal Way City Council, elected twice deputy mayor, and served as mayor in 2010.

Linda advocates holding workshops to inform our community of the budget deficit to ask citizens to give their input in prioritizing how their money should best be spent. She further believes addressing our issues in a regional manner, by meeting with our neighboring cities to discuss issues of mutual concern, such as how to meet the needs of our homeless population, drug addiction crisis and increased crime.

These challenges facing Federal Way have resulted in massive financial demands on our city’s budget. Due to the current management, Federal Way is unable to provide the needed level of services, while meeting our citizen’s public safety. It has been proposed by the current council that a reduction of police presence in our community may be needed. Our city cannot take such a risk!

Linda Kochmar has the most proven experience and without a doubt is the best candidate for Federal Way City Council Position 7 to meet our current needs.

Joan Murphy

Federal Way

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