Impressed with Sen. Mark Miloscia

He has the back bone to cut taxes and car tabs, and makes government truly accountable.

I remain so very impressed with Sen. Mark Miloscia and would like to add my voice to so many others in speaking on his behalf. I have known Mark for many years and have carefully watched his exceptional work in and for our local communities, city and state.

He is a champion of our schools, has the back bone to cut taxes and car tabs, and makes government truly accountable. I have always been so very impressed with his family and his values as well as his immersion into every aspect of community service, caring for the homeless, our children, and defending the defenseless repeatedly.

Our children knew Mark as a guest teacher and were impressed with his ubiquitous knowledge, experience, and dedication. We witnessed his involvement in a plethora of community meetings and shared stories with him about his time in the Air Force as a B52 pilot, our eldest son having chosen a similar path. We watched as he worked tirelessly in the Senate and Senate committees, performing untold numbers of duties and myriad tasks.

When we hold public classes at the library regarding matters crucial to our community, Mark takes time out of his extremely busy schedule to be there, sharing his wisdom, commitment, and dedication – often in some of the most impassioned and inspiring speeches we have ever heard.

Mark’s heart is very present in his work as is so clear to those of us who have seen him repeatedly at our doors and in our community over the years. Many of us here in Federal Way have had the chance to talk with him in person as he frequents our neighborhoods, homes, churches, and community events.

It is without reservation that we support Mark Miloscia in returning to the State Senate for the 30th District. He is, without question, our first choice for this very important position.

Patricia Conant

Federal Way