Grandchildren would grow up in community that puts stamp of acceptance on marijuana use

Is there any amount of tax revenue that makes up for that? Vote no on Prop 1.

I found the Washington State Marijuana Impact Report. Funny, I could only find it on the Rhode Island site (; my searches did not find it on any Washington site. You should read at least the executive summary before you cast your vote on Prop 1. It contains a great deal of information, including statements such as “…there is sufficient data to associate the incidence of specific criminal acts with the availability of recreational marijuana”, “One in five 10th grade students reported riding with a driver who had used marijuana – 9% reported driving within three hours of consumption”, and “90% of public safety violations against recreational licensees deal with minors.”

Think about this. Our children and grandchildren are growing up in this community. Sure, they can’t go into a store and buy marijuana until they are 21, but if Prop 1 passes, they’ll be growing up in a community that has to a larger degree put its stamp of acceptance on marijuana use.

They’ll see the stores around, and see people going in and coming out. So, when they are old enough, are they going to be more likely or less likely to use? It’ll be just like buying a six-pack of beer at the grocery store, right? Is that the community you want your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, etc., growing up in? Is there any amount of tax revenue that makes up for that? Vote no on FW Prop 1.

Doug Dibley

Federal Way

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