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Edwards stands strong against drugs

‘I admire Sharry for not accepting controversial donations.’

Sharry Edwards is a wife, a mother, a dedicated nurse and a community volunteer. Federal Way’s mayor recognized her talent and asked her to chair the recent months-long homeless study.

And now, Sharry Edwards is running for council Position 3 in the upcoming election. This is particularly important because Sharry does not believe drugs (pot shops) have any place in our city. Further, she has not been afraid to stand up for what she believes is best for Federal Way and its residents. Sharry feels so strongly about this topic that she was willing to stand up to her own political party in opposition.

Some, who have donated to her campaign, asked for their money back when they read the Mirror’s interview of Sharry and then her ad in the July 12 edition. Politics at its worst!

Conversely, Susan Honda has accepted several thousand dollars for her campaign, donated by the marijuana industry. This is fact, published by the Public Disclosure Commission. I admire Sharry for not accepting controversial donations.

The council has voted to put this issue on the ballot in November. Please, if you are bothered by the image marijuana retail stores in our city presents to our youth, presents to prospective families who may have bought their homes here, to perspective big business looking for a new base or to expanding in our city — please vote “no” on this issue. And please support the only candidate on the ballot for council Position 3 who stands committed and strong against legalized drugs in our city. That candidate is Sharry Edwards.

Sheryl Nevers

Federal Way

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