Amy Johnson

My interview with a holiday icon

It’s December, and time for our holiday-themed Sex in the Suburbs article. This year, I reached out to someone near and dear, and who happens… Continue reading

The intersection of HIV stigma and hope | Sex in the Suburbs

Stigma kills. Hidden in attitudes, in what is not said aloud, in exclusion and revulsion, stigma thrives in silence. And it is alive and way… Continue reading

#MeToo | Sex in the Suburbs

#MeToo. With the current climate in our country being one where awareness about sexual harassment is virtually exploding all around us, I thought it might… Continue reading

Toy tips for adventurous adults | Sex in the Suburbs

I know many of you might not like to admit to frequenting (or even occasionally visiting) sex stores, but judging by their prevalence, and the… Continue reading

Date of worth | Sex in the Suburbs

We didn’t share the same first language, so when I walked up to the pharmacy and gave my name, her next question sounded to me… Continue reading

Dolls, diversity and dismantling stereotypes | Sex in the Suburbs

Dear Mattel, Props for staying in the conversation about diversity. I mean, I don’t hold you personally responsible for all the body dysmorphia, eating disorders,… Continue reading

My thoughts on Wonder Woman | Sex in the Suburbs

Imagine my sheer pleasure of indulging in a Wonder Woman movie night. [SPOILER ALERT!] Some things that delight me about this movie: • An all-female… Continue reading

Teen pregnancy, homelessness and whose business is it anyway? | Sex in the Suburbs

Dear Mr. Federal Way, We are failing the children in our community who are in the most need. Recently, you made a great point that… Continue reading

Top things high school grads should think about | Sex in the Suburbs

Dear high school grads, I know you’re inundated with advice right now, so I’ll keep this short and sweet — my Top Three Things to… Continue reading

Gender 101 for confused cisgender folks (and a few legislators) | Sex in the Suburbs

Let’s talk about gender. Gender seems to confound many people—even when it’s neatly contained in two boxes: male and female. Gender, though, is much more… Continue reading

Sexual assault awareness | Sex in the Suburbs

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month — and here’s what you can do. 1. Believe survivors: If someone comes to you and discloses sexual assault,… Continue reading

Are you really pro-life?

It’s no surprise to anyone that the No. 1 cause of abortion is unintended pregnancy. Sure, there are a small percentage of very-much-wanted pregnancies that… Continue reading

Suicide, social stigma and same-sex marriage | Sex in the Suburbs

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in U.S. young people ages 10 to 24, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,… Continue reading

Ciara, consent and choice | Sex in the Suburbs

Ciara is making headlines again, discussing the decision she and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made to abstain from having sex in their relationship until they… Continue reading

Religious freedom to discriminate | Sex in the suburbs

Let’s talk about sexuality and faith — and politics. Recently, a federal judge in Texas ruled that doctors can discriminate against transgender people or women… Continue reading

Give to end AIDS | Sex in the Suburbs

Dec. 1 was World AIDS Day. While there has been enormous progress in treatment for people living with HIV, the virus that can lead to… Continue reading

Election hangover | Sex in the Suburbs

Just a few more days of this volatile and vitriolic election season, right? But wait. No matter which candidate ends up working from the oval… Continue reading