Support the FWPS education levy in February

On behalf of our students and educators, we appreciate our community’s steadfast support of our schools.

Recently, our community approved a bond that will build and improve our school facilities.

Now we have the opportunity to renew our levy, which supports learning by maintaining our current staffing and yes — will lower our taxes.

Since 1980, Federal Way has approved our educational programs and operations levy. This funds 300 of the caring and dedicated staff members who educate our kids. In other words, this critical funding source impacts each and every one of our students.

The current levy is expiring, so to maintain the current staff who serve our kids every day in our schools, we will see Proposition 1 on the ballot in February.

Here are some recent questions our Federal Way Education Association members have heard:

What’s the same in this levy renewal?

It funds essential staff such as our teachers, nurses and security. Since it’s 10 percent of the district budget, it also funds athletics, music and afterschool programs, which the state does not currently fund.

What’s different about this levy?

By approving this levy, we will decrease the tax rate from an estimated $3.58 per $1000 assessed value beginning in 2019.

What’s the difference between a levy and a bond?

Simply stated, bonds builds buildings. Levies are for learning. Our levy funds our education professionals who teach our kids, and this vote renews that commitment.

You’ll receive your ballot approximately Jan. 25, and we hope you join the local businesses, churches, unions and families to support it.

Have questions? Please visit, visit us on Facebook, or ask any one of our Federal Way educators.

Shannon McCann, special education teacher and FWEA president

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