South King leaders must unite to oppose airport expansion | Letter

South King County has been used as a “dumping ground” in terms of toxic pollutants and noise disturbance from the continued increase of air traffic from SeaTac. The governmental agency responsible for this policy is the Port of Seattle. The POS has a stated policy of increasing this pollution, and the POS commissioners are in complete support of POS expansion plans, largely because they do not live in South King and they are more interested in advancing their political careers.

Your editorial regarding the expansion of SeaTac misses the point. The elected leaders who represent South King must be leaders and focus efforts of their constituents to oppose the continued expansion of SeaTac. Furthermore, the city mayors of South King must unite their efforts with local, state and federal representatives to oppose the Port of Seattle expansion plans.

There are three immediate solutions that can be pursued: (1) Relocate all air cargo operations out of SeaTac to the Grant County Airport. (2). Implement a curfew of air operations between 11 p.m. through 6 a.m. (3) Implement a noise abatement program for South King that provides the same protection that is currently enjoyed by East King and North King County. Solutions exist, but elected leadership in South King prefers to ignore the problems and follow a “do-nothing” approach.

Robert Blix, Federal Way

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