Seattle Port commissioner vote will impact future of airport

More flights at Sea-Tac, and many more coming. From 2013-16 flight operations have increased by 30 percent.

1) The Port of Seattle has plans to build out facilities at Sea-Tac that will increase gates by approximately 50 percent.

2) The port has stated goals over the next four years to triple air cargo.

3) The top-two bullet points on why large air cargo freighters should choose Sea-Tac are:

* “A three runway system … that reduces traffic and delays”

* “24 operations with no curfews”

4) The port further has the goal to double the number of international flights and destinations and make Sea-Tac the West Coast gateway of choice for international travel.

5) The port also aims to reduce the connecting time for transiting passengers to under 60 minutes with the build-out of the new international terminal. What economic benefit will the region see from this?

Health impacts:

1) Emissions from jet engines create fine particulates that have been shown to absorb into the bloodstream much easier than conventional engine emissions. There is significant evidence this greatly increases cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases and other ailments.

2) Sleep interruption to REM sleep has been linked to dementia and heart risks.

Monetary impacts:

1) Property values have been diminished and will likely continue as we become the sacrificial corridor if we choose not to act.

Mitigation opportunities:

1) The aircraft arriving over our houses on the right runway (34R) are below the worldwide standard vertical descent angle so they are lower and closer; this glide path angle should be raised to the optimum 3 degrees.

2) New approaches should be investigated to route traffic over the Puget Sound and up Interstate 5 (over 10 lanes of concrete with a median, shoulders and set backs).

3) Begin identifying a second regional airport as the current “sustainable” master plan. SeaTac is not sustainable.

4) Move air cargo to Moses Lake, especially for the freighters hauling cherries.

5) The huge increase in aircraft operations has already greatly increased air cargo capacity. Why is the port so set on gaining another air cargo freight operator in 2018?

How to help:

We are already seeing signs of impact from your actions with the port. Please keep calling or posting to the website every time you feel your quality of life is being impacted.

1) Contact the FAA ombudsman Mindy Wright: 425-203-4530.

2) Help us encourage others to join Quiet Skies Puget Sound.

3) Contact your state and federal legislators.

4) Vote for the candidate who will serve your needs and not just the port’s.

S. Petersen, Federal Way

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