Radio tower LED light a distraction

I live in Federal Way near 11th Avenue Southwest and 320th. Most of the rooms in my house face west with a nice view of the city, including the radio towers at Norpoint. Ever since last week, I have noticed a new LED lamp with a much stronger bulb on one of the towers that lights up my rooms every second from dusk to dawn. In the evening we notice the flash while watching TV or just relaxing in our family room, and at night it flashes the bedroom wall or brightens the shades once every second.

I drove up to the tower site, #WA711, and the sign said, “Maintained by InSite Towers LLC. (866 886 8807).” I called InSite, and the quick answer was “this is FCC regulation,” but they “will look into it.” I understand that LED lights are more efficient and durable, but there has to be compromise because this is very annoying, and it is going to get even more so during the long winter evenings and nights.

There are many hills and houses in Federal Way facing west, and I am sure there are others affected by this. If you are, please step up and let the authorities know how you feel before it becomes another permanent acceptable price of living in Federal Way.

Mehdi Sadri, Federal Way

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