Passing school facilities bond makes sense

As a parent of a Federal Way School District student, I have not always agreed with the previous administration’s and school board’s decisions. However, come Nov. 7, I will be voting yes for the Federal Way School District facilities bond. It just makes sense for our community. In the past weeks you have seen others describe the issues more eloquently than I can:

• Nineteen structures more than 40 years old and in need of rebuilding or modernization;

• The need to increase capacity for our growing population;

• The need for overall safety and security upgrades.

But there is a bigger issue here. Schools are an integral part of our community. As Federal Way stands at the crossroads of becoming more than a bedroom suburb, our school district plays an important part in shaping the image of our community. As Mr. Livingston noted in an opinion piece in the Mirror (Oct. 9, 2017), one of the key things people research is how are the schools?

We need to make this investment now in our community. The Eastside did and look how they have prospered. Rebuilding and modernizing our schools will provide one pillar to give students the learning environment that will create better citizens and a skilled workforce. Quality schools will help attract new, up and coming businesses, and better paying jobs.

If we are serious about reshaping and rebranding Federal Way, then we need to invest in our schools. If businesses see that we value education, that will be an important factor in getting them to locate in Federal Way.

We all want to see our community grow and prosper. Supporting better schools is one way to achieve that goal. Please get out and vote for schools on Nov. 7. It’s for our future (the students), and for building a stronger community.

Michael Scuderi, Kent

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