Partisan politics not welcome at District 30 town hall meeting

I was surprised and disappointed that the 30th District town hall meeting on March 11 did not begin with the Pledge of Allegiance. If not at a public meeting such as this, then when?

The meeting was well attended, and the discussions were interesting and what was expected. I attended because I wanted to listen to our elected representatives at a neutral venue.

What I did find inappropriate, and uncomfortable for me, was the number of people soliciting support for their causes, including membership in the 30th District Democratic Party. This should have been a non-partisan forum, but it was clear that most in attendance felt they had such license. Thankfully absent was an unruly boisterous mob, though such might have not been the case if elected officials from both parties had been present. I definitely had the feeling that opposing viewpoints were not welcome.

I hope at the next public town hall meeting, the pink-capped attendees can refrain from waving their arms to the sky in partisan jubilation. I hope we all rise to a pledge of allegiance and civil discourse.

Karen Clark, Federal Way

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