School bond can make Federal Way team stronger | My Perspective

In my last column, I talked about local governmental entities that have the greatest impact on our daily routines and community quality. I got one… Continue reading

Celski, Johnson: a contrast and choice | Inside Politics

The race for position No. 2 on the City Council between Bob Celski and Jesse Johnson provides voters with an interesting contrast and choice. Celski… Continue reading

District must be at fault for state of Federal Way schools | Letter

I can no longer stay silent. I am compelled to speak out for all the Federal Way residents and taxpayers who, justifiably, wonder what actual… Continue reading

  • Oct 7, 2017

NFL players not wrong for protesting | Letter

I have some questions for Donald Trump over his latest Tweet rant stating professional athletes should be fired for sitting down during the playing of… Continue reading

  • Oct 6, 2017

Painted rocks in parks welcome surprise

Thank you to the unknown person who places painted stones in our parks for people who pick up trash to find. Found two small painted… Continue reading

  • Oct 6, 2017

Editorial cartoon for Oct. 6

Frank Shiers editorial cartoon for Oct. 6, 2017.… Continue reading

  • Oct 6, 2017

The opposite of free speech | Diversity

“Rhetoric” is a word which often sounds negative, but the 2000-year-old discipline which I teach at Highline College has some valuable insights to offer our… Continue reading

How do we stay hopeful? | Diversity

Times feel dark. Sometimes my columns name the darkness. This time I wanted to talk about hope. But I hear it; I feel it; it… Continue reading

Council should reconsider safe injection site decision | Letter

Dear Federal Way City Council and citizens: I’m writing to express my disappointment in the decision made by City Council in August to reject our… Continue reading

  • Oct 1, 2017

The great scholar vs. student debate | Q&A for Mr. FW

Q: Mr. Federal Way, do you think it is silly for Federal Way Public Schools to refer to children as scholars rather than students? A:… Continue reading

  • Oct 1, 2017

Toy tips for adventurous adults | Sex in the Suburbs

I know many of you might not like to admit to frequenting (or even occasionally visiting) sex stores, but judging by their prevalence, and the… Continue reading

Passing school facilities bond imperative for Federal Way | Letter

Federal Way Public Schools Superintendent Tammy Campbell made a thorough and shocking presentation at the Sept. 19 City Council meeting. She was presenting the rationale… Continue reading

  • Sep 30, 2017

On the plus side, murders are down | Editorial cartoon by Frank Shiers

Editorial cartoon for Sept. 29 by Frank Shiers.… Continue reading

  • Sep 30, 2017

Honda misses point on importance of school facilities | Letter

Unbelievable! • Boilers routinely catch fire, disrupting class time and causing students to miss valuable learning time. • Temperatures of classrooms are either too hot… Continue reading

  • Sep 29, 2017

Schools provide leadership test | Inside Politics

At last week’s meeting, the mayor and Federal Way City Council considered the question of whether or not to provide a public endorsement for Federal… Continue reading

Noble-Gulliford, Tran and the Democrats | Inside Politics

In the primary election for City Council Position 4, the big surprise was that first-time candidate Hoang Tran came out leading. Tran was up against… Continue reading

Residents have already shared their vision | Letter

Mr. Roegner’s vision relies on a the expertise of another consultant to tell the citizens of Federal Way what they need. Hopefully, the vision consultant… Continue reading

  • Sep 23, 2017

Editorial Cartoon | Shiers

Editorial cartoon by Frank Shiers for the week of Sept. 22… Continue reading

  • Sep 22, 2017

Honda right choice for mayor | Letter

Susan Honda possesses vision and leadership. Her popularity (three-time award winner) is an indication of public support. Susan Honda possesses an analytical mind. She knows… Continue reading

  • Sep 22, 2017

City poised for economic growth due to work of staff

I read with some confusion Bob Roegner’s column in the Sept. 15 edition of the Federal Way Mirror. In it, he describes a Federal Way… Continue reading