PAEC, police and taxpayer roundtable

PAEC, police and taxpayer roundtable

A while ago, I wrote an Letter to the Editor outlining my concerns about the PAEC’s performance and made suggestions that city leadership seek out a professional entertainment/management company to handle the operations of the facility and schooled in bringing in events that will be of interest to the general population of Federal Way and its surrounding neighborhoods in South King County.

Obviously, my message was heard.

Spectra was hired recently, and in doing research, Spectra seems to be well connected since its parent company is Comcast. Here’s hoping that Comcast will step up with purchasing naming rights which would mean money in the city’s treasury to spend on essential items like hiring more police officers.

Speaking of police officers, at the recent Civil Service Commission meeting, it was disclosed that there are officers retiring which could potentially bring the total of vacancies up to 12. That would be roughly a 10 percent reduction in force, which is significant. As chair of the commission, it’s obvious we have a lot outreach to do but we have a great team inside the police department that does that outreach. I am confident replacement officers will be found PDQ.

The Federal Way Taxpayer Roundtable is schedule for 4 p.m. July 17 at the Woodmont Public Library, The event will run until 9 p.m. when the library closes. I will bring a PowerPoint presentation and some handouts for attendees. We will take minutes and have a sign in sheet for those who would like to know about further taxpayer public meetings.

In closing, I have been speaking with local residents about the possibility of Federal Way having a Public Market Place (think a much smaller Pike Place Market). I was recently in Wenatchee, and they have a very fun public market. You can find out more information about the Pybus Public Market by finding it on Facebook at

I think you’ll agree it would be a charming addition to our city. I will be talking about this at the meeting in July.

Roger Flygare, Federal Way

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