Noble-Gulliford should be elected to Position 4 | Letter

The worst part of the Oct. 20 editorial asking people to write-in Diana Noble-Gulliford’s name in Position 6 was the great disservice it did to a quality, invested, brilliant candidate like Diana herself.

Voters should skip writing her in for Position 6 because they have the chance to vote for her in Position 4.

It’s very rare that someone with as many credentials, as much experience and as sterling a reputation as Diana Noble-Gulliford runs for an office like City Council. That she could easily run for state representative, mayor, County Council or a “higher” office like that is truly a testament to her motivation for running for council. It’s because she loves this city, because she wants to serve its residents. I have to believe it’s because she knows she has a unique knowledge, dedication, background and vision that will help our city move into the future.

And she does.

Let’s not waste the opportunity to vote for someone so patently qualified for a City Council seat that it’s almost strange that she’s running for it at all. Let’s vote Diana Noble-Gulliford for Federal Way City Council Position 4.

Jason Ludwig, Federal Way

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