Noble-Gulliford right choice for council | Letter

One summer evening, I took advantage of an opportunity to attend the Federal Way Mirror sponsored candidate forum at Twin Lakes Country Club. Just so you know, hearing from the candidates in person makes filling out my ballot so much easier. You should try it next time they offer it. I am happy to announce that I agree soundly with the Mirror Editorial Board’s well-stated endorsement of Diana Noble-Gulliford for City Council position 4.

”As a former council member, Noble-Gulliford would bring a deep understanding of city government and city planning. She’s a local history expert who asks the right questions and does her homework. She views the city through the lens of a longtime resident who has witnessed Federal Way’s evolution and growing pains.”

At the forum, I observed first hand Diana has a quiet strength that demands your attention and respect. She was well prepared with current statistics and facts to back her positions. Her concerns were articulated as our concerns, and she seems unafraid to confront them head on. She was the wise one in the room, you know, the thinker, with both reason and reality on her side.

Diana’s vision for our city is positive and forward projecting. Her long list of community service, including Historical Society president, city incorporation committee member and Federal Way planning commissioner, will serve us all well. I especially appreciate her years of service as a scout leader in our community, as I’m a long-time resident mom of four Eagle Scouts raised here. She has been with our city through thick and thin and knows us and our diversity inside and out. She is a doer who wants what we all want: to feel safer, to live within control of our finances and to attract Fortune 500 companies and small businesses by making our schools and our community more attractive for their employees. I think we should take advantage of her wealth of knowledge now as a city, just like I did to go hear her and other candidates speak.

Diana Noble-Gulliford has my vote with confidence along with the recommendation of your local newspaper, and I would recommend your vote too.

Debbie Sabin, Federal Way

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