NFL players not wrong for protesting | Letter

I have some questions for Donald Trump over his latest Tweet rant stating professional athletes should be fired for sitting down during the playing of the national anthem.

1. Should anyone not standing during the national anthem be removed from the stadium because of lack of respect?

2. How about removing people who are on their cell phones or eating or talking while the national anthem is being played? Are they showing respect for this country?

3. What about people at home watching the game: Should they stand to show respect for the flag?

I have an idea. Let’s make a constitutional amendment requiring that everyone must stand while the national anthem is being played under threat of a $100 fine. Our national debt would be eliminated in two years with all the fines. How many times do you think Donald Trump was sitting, eating or talking at some event while the national anthem was being played?

Are people mad at these athletes for sitting or kneeling during the national anthem, or are they mad at why the athletes are sitting? And if that is why people are mad, then shame on them. Peaceful protest is the fiber that makes this country great.

Walter Kostecka, Federal Way

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