Mr. FW unfairly attacked Miloscia

I am in agreement with other readers that the individual behind the “Mr. Federal Way” articles has chosen to attack Sen. Miloscia and attempt to discredit him. It’s not going to work. Sen. Miloscia is one of the hardest-working political figures in Washington, and I am fortunate to be a constituent of his.

I have long ago grown tired of the “Mr. Federal Way” columns as it is very negative and lacks any entertainment value. It is absolutely a waste of space in the paper and on the website. Perhaps, as others have mentioned, if the person behind this diatribe was made known, I’m sure the tone of the columns would drastically change.

Keep on course, Mr. Miloscia, and don’t let anonymous jerks like “Mr. Federal Way” be a distraction. It’s not worth your time.

Don Zeman, Federal Way