More airplanes affecting quality of life

With his dismissive comments about “260 more planes,” Mr. Federal Way proves that people in the south end can be just as snarky and condescending as our neighbors to the north. Way to go. You can use that as audition material for The Stranger.

But if a reporter’s job is to report on facts and tell the public important things they should know, then the maxim “if you can’t say something nice…” is still good advice. Better still? Go have a fresh look at Steve Edmiston’s presentation to your City Council last month and do a fresh piece on that information, which concerns the health of all your citizens.

Your glib three sentences did a lot of damage. Do the right thing. Start writing about the environmental impacts of the increased flights. They have quadrupled noise and emission impacts over my house over the past four years to cite just one example.

JC Harris, Federal Way

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