Moore will help move Federal Way forward

After four years of renting, I bought a home in Federal Way. My business is here. My family calls it home. It’s an explicit commitment to the city, and it’s an implicit commitment to working on making it as great as its potential suggests.

That’s why I stay involved in city issues. That’s why I’m supporting Martin Moore for Federal Way City Council Position 6.

Part of committing to Federal Way is working to get the right people in charge of making decisions. I want council members who love this city like I do — who want to serve it with humility, passion and a willingness to consider many ideas for making Federal Way as great as its potential suggests.

All of that is Martin Moore. All of that is why I hope everyone can join me in voting for Martin Moore for Federal Way City Council Position 6 by Nov. 7. Federal Way, the place my family and so many great people call home, deserve quality council members moving this city forward.

Jason Ludwig, Federal Way

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