Moore has proven record in Federal Way

When I decide who I’m voting for, I look at the facts and at the values of that person to help me make informed decisions on what will be the best choice for our city. In the case of Position 6 for City Council, it’s evident Councilman Martin Moore is the correct choice.

Let’s put aside his story of moving to the United States as an 8-year-old boy from Bulgaria, growing through the Federal Way public school system and essentially living the “American Dream” by combining hard work with a desire to give back to the community that gave him a home. It’s a great story, but that is not what is important today.

What’s important today is that we recognize the hard work, dedication and passion he has for our city. His proven record of standing up for Federal Way and its residents is what makes me support his re-election campaign. When I hear Martin speak, I can tell he wants us to be a successful city with successful families that can have the same opportunities as he had. Councilman Moore does this day in and day out, thinking of others first, a trait I admire greatly.

I respect everyone who runs for elected office. It’s not an easy thing when you can find out just about everything online now a days; just search this website and you can learn a lot about the history of Federal Way. I will say however, it’s important that we have people who are experienced, dedicated and will continue to fight for us, the residents of Federal Way, and that’s why we need to re-elect Councilman Martin Moore to Position 6.

Tony Pagliocco, Federal Way

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