Mirror’s relationship with community will continue | Publisher’s Note

My newspaper career began more than two decades ago with a daily pedal-powered delivery route in a small Midwestern town that included a cranky customer named Mr. Palmer.

Mr. Palmer wanted the newspaper placed inside his screen door before sunrise. He made this clear through several profane rants that could make a Marine blush.

Anytime Mr. Palmer went on vacation, he insisted I put all the papers inside an old Ford Escort in the driveway so he could read them and clip the coupons when he returned. And if I arrived late, he would reach out with a burly forearm and snatch the paper from my ink-stained hands.

To this day, I often think about Mr. Palmer whenever a reader complains about a missed delivery because, for these readers, the newspaper is an important part of their lives — and I cherish that relationship.

The beauty of newspapers like the Federal Way Mirror is our ability to foster a close relationship with the community we serve.

As your new publisher, I am committed to making sure the Federal Way Mirror is a newspaper for all.

The Mirror will continue to act as a catalyst for positive change and productive dialogue. The Mirror will continue to highlight the cultural gems and good people in our community.

It is also this newspaper’s job to hold your public officials accountable, fight for the rights of residents and help lead the community in a prosperous direction.

Sometimes the news isn’t always pretty and pleasant, but it will always have purpose.

As the famous saying goes, it’s our job to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

In a time when many newspapers are dying on the vine, newspapers like the Mirror are thriving because of our focus on local news, local people and local businesses.

I promise the Mirror will remain a vital part of this community. Please feel free to reach out anytime and let us know how we can serve you better.

Thank you for reading.

Andy Hobbs is the publisher of the Federal Way Mirror. He can be reached at ahobbs@federalwaymirror.com or 253-336-5359.

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