Mini-houses not cure for homeless problem | Letter

A reply to Bob Roegner’s column on the homeless.

How many homeless call Federal Way their home?

What percent of these homeless are families, single men or women, minors or veterans?

What causes homelessness? Is it drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness, job loss, lack of education, domestic violence?

Would a mini-house solve any of these problems?

I am not sure who would live in these mini-houses. Would you allow drugs or alcohol in the homes?

Would you force the mentally ill to live in one?

Would a family live in multiple mini-houses? Having visited the Federal Way day shelter, I was impressed with the services and referrals offered to those in need. Our schools offer help to students and their families. Veterans groups provide transitional housing and job placement. Resources are available for those who want them and are willing to improve themselves. Mini-houses are a placebo, with no cure for the problem.

Carol Fraley, Federal Way