Miloscia deserves better treatment | Letter to the editor

Sen. Mark Miloscia’s article in last week’s Mirror described what he is having to deal with as our state senator. Those of us who respect Sen. Miloscia, a dedicated public servant, are appalled at the treatment he is getting. He deserves better. The actions and behavior of his detractors, an ugly new element in our community, say more about them than him.

The time has come to stop enabling Mark’s adversaries in the Mirror, and a good place to start would be to require Mr. Federal Way to reveal his identity. That could have the effect of moderating the tone of his articles and making it less personal. Another step the Mirror could take to promote civility would be to show restraint in their selection of material to be published.

None of our political leaders or candidates should have to endure the personal slings and arrows Mark Miloscia has endured. The Mirror has a choice to make.

Don Payne, Federal Way