Miloscia an outstanding senator

Mark Miloscia is an outstanding senator representing our 30th Legislative District. I agree with him totally that vulgar, violent protesters destroying property and injuring others is not an appropriate way to display disagreement. Mark has been wrongly accused of generalizing about all protesters. This is just another ploy to discredit him and his hard work for our community to influence future elections against him. Mark Miloscia has served our needs for many years with our community’s best interest at heart. “Mr Federal Way” needs to man up his real identity, back off and stop falsely slandering those he disagrees with. Falsely trying to discredit a person’s character is just as wrong as the violent protesters who hurt others physically, destroy property and use vulgarity. Thank you, Mark for your hard work and service to us all. You are a champion for all citizens in Federal Way.

Debbie Sabin, Federal Way