Media, protesters are wrong, not Miloscia

Well, here we go again, with yet another newspaper, this time the Federal Way Mirror, printing nasty letters about our newly elected President Trump.

Your newspaper, Ms. Editor, falls right in line with the “liberal” news media, like the Seattle Times. Because now they are after Mark Miloscia because he had an opinion, against the marchers, who blocked people from going about their business in downtown Seattle. I guess the marchers are the only ones who are allowed their opinion. We had eight years of this with their last president, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

It appears that The Federal Way Mirror and their readers are writing/printing letters, against what they like to call our President Trump, a racist, bigot, liar and women-hater. The only thing they are reading besides The Mirror is watching all the liberal news media TV and reading the Seattle Times and not making an informed opinion of their own. And here I thought we lived in America and had the right to vote for whom we wanted to, and our own opinion, not who the news media told us to vote for.

I am an American, born in Kansas, almost 80 years ago, and have voted for over 50 years, and I have never been so puzzled/angered by what I am hearing and seeing written about this president and what he is doing to secure our country.

It appears the news media and the EPA is fighting to take away our rights of the Constitution and replace it with their hate toward this president, with half truths and out-and-out lies.

The voters need to grow up and act like true Americans. Or are they becoming so liberal and in-step with those Hollyweeds, they want to be like them in California. Shame on you, not shame on Sen. Mark Miloscia. Take a look in the mirror and see if you are true Americans, or just pretenders. My guess, you want to march with the other anti-Americans.

Pat Gee, Federal Way