Levy passage crucial for Federal Way scholars’ success

30th Legislative District Democrats unanimously endorsed the levy.

When I was in the first grade (1982), one of my classmates dared me to stick a pencil eraser up my nose. I did. It got stuck. It wasn’t life threatening but it hurt, and boy was I embarrassed. Fortunately, we had a school nurse on site and she was able to help retrieve this misplaced eraser.

I am sharing this with you because voters have continuously passed the educational programs and operations levy since 1980. The levy funds things such as the nurses who serves the Federal Way Public Schools system. Once again, the district needs you to open your mail, vote yes and return your ballots by Feb. 13 to continue this much needed financial support for our schools.

Passing this levy means more than the 19 extra nurses in our schools (the state only provides funding for 3.5), but nearly 300 other crucial and critical staff. For example, are you kids having a great experience being part of one of the athletic teams? Thanks, levy, for the coaches. Do you hear the sweet sounds of clarinet or saxophone practice? Thanks, levy, for the music offerings. You get the point. You might be surprised to know who and what will disappear from the schools if the levy does not pass.

This is why the 30th Legislative District Democrats unanimously endorsed the levy and are dedicating the Feb. 7 meeting, from 7-8 p.m., to reach out to the public and talk about this issue. If you have questions or are leaning against supporting the levy, come to Belmor Park Golf & Country Club and talk directly with representatives from the Federal Way Public Schools administration, classroom teachers and parents about your concerns.

Our scholars deserve a well-rounded education with schools staffed by amazing people that can shape their lives daily. Help make this happen by voting yes for the FWPS levy by Feb. 13.

Brent Williams-Ruth, 30th LD Democrats chair

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