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Scam warning from FW senior | Letters

October 18, 2013 · 11:07 AM

This is a warning to Federal Way residents, and probably elsewhere in the Puget Sound area.

On Sunday, Oct. 6, a very nice, very friendly man came to my door and said he was in the neighborhood. He was looking for cars that had some scratches that he could bring back to looking like new again.

He said he would put a protective coat on the car that would last for six years. He said he works in a shop during the week, but on weekends, he was trying to find some extra work to help care for his wife and six children. He had his father and his oldest son with him to help with the work. He said he had 20 years of experience, his father before him, and he was teaching that kind of work to his son. With the economy the way it is, I could understand a father trying to put in the extra work so that he could better care for his family.

First, he offered to show me the kind of work he was talking about by taking care of one scrape on the front of the car. He did that, and it looked just fine to me, so I said that he could do the other spots on the car. I might add that my car is an older one, but in good shape. The car has the little kind of scratches, etc., that can happen in a parking lot over the years.

When he was finished, he had me come out to look at the car. The car did have a nice shine all over. However, he had put a white paste on all of the scratches he was supposed to have taken care of. He said it was something that needed to be left on until the next day as a “protection” to give the spots time to set. A regular shop has a special area that they use for that purpose. I was kind of skeptical about paying him, without being able to see the finished product, but he was a good talker and gave me his phone number in case there was anything he needed to come back for, and so that I could refer others to him who might need to have similar work done.

I’ll admit that I didn’t stand there to watch every move while he was doing the work. Needless to say, when I washed the paste off the next day, none of those spots had been taken care of the way he did the first one. They had washed the car and put on something to make it shine, but then they had just put that paste on over the scratches. No repair work. Not surprisingly, I could not reach him on the phone number that he had given me.

As a senior citizen, we have been of a generation where a handshake was good, and we took someone at their word. In the past, I’ve gotten some very good work from people who came to my door, figuring that if someone could provide some work I needed to have done, and I could help them out at the same time, it was good for both of us.

Now I am out of the money I paid him, and will doubt even those who honestly are looking for work. Another thing: Look at the way that son is being raised. Here the father could have been training and teaching an honest trade to his son, but instead, is teaching him how to lie and cheat.

J. Kirwan, Federal Way


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