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June 11, 2013 · 11:43 AM

Megan Graham after her release from jail last week. / Courtesy photo

Well, here we go again, another article about “police brutality” and finding a way to give the Federal Way Police Department a black eye. Just never seems to stop — that is until a citizen needs the help of the Federal Way Police Department.

After reading about that young woman’s altercation with two Federal Way officers, and if you read the whole article, you might wonder her reasons for calling the 911 operator, when the police cruiser pulled in behind her in the apartment driveway, with lights flashing and "Federal Way Police" clearly written on the side of his cruiser. She said she was being attached and needed assistance, after the officer told her to stay in her car, but she did not.

The picture of this young woman shows a very bad black and blue left eye, with facial bruising on the side of the left side of her face.

After seeing the story on KOMO 4 news (June 9), it showed the young woman was seated in the back of the police cruiser, and yes her face, on the left, was scraped. But there was no black and blue eye, like in the picture in the Federal Way Mirror. Everything recorded on the 911 operator's phone was not the whole story, at least from this perspective, since she was being stopped for an infraction, and that is why the officer followed her into the parking lot, right?

But in the Federal Way Mirror, and on KOMO 4 News, these two officers were over-aggressive and brutally beating up on her, at least according to her story and the story of her “eye witness,” her friend.

So when is the news media going to stop demonizing the police departments, and stop listening to those who break the law and then yell “police brutality,” and the press jumps right on it?

It’s getting to the point that these officers of the law are not allowed to do their jobs. I wouldn’t trade one Federal Way police officer for any lawbreaker who yells “police brutality.”

The times I have interacted with these men and women have always been pleasant. Since our neighborhood has been hit with break-ins, and these men and women have been there ASAP.

So thank you, Federal Way law enforcement. You deserve a gold star, not a “black eye.”

Pat Gee, Federal Way


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