Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Sept. 12, 2007

City council: Please read these letters

I hope our city council keeps up on the letters to the editor. This is much easier than facing them at the council meetings.

1. The recently approved high-rise development in "downtown" will require specialty firefighting vehicles. Who gets to pay for those? And where will they be stationed? An environmental study should point out these needs and be included in the developer's proposal and costs. As a taxpayer, I don't want my taxes to pay for his profits.

2. Tacoma needs some help forcing the North Shore Golf Course developers into satisfying all the environmental impacts 800 homes will have. There are some for our neighborhood, too. Through traffic will be increased. Auburn got much-needed road improvements as a condition for the Supermall's construction. I'll bet all of the new homeowners aren't going to work in Tacoma.

3. Red light camera ticketing won't be effective until the state's license plate obscuration laws are enforced. Some plates can't be read from directly behind due to dust, dirt, bike racks and trailer hitches, let alone from a camera on a high pole.

Terry Slaton, Federal Way

Don't delude yourself over global climate

So the scientifically challenged leaders of our community think it would be a good idea for us to join the deluded leaders of other cities by declaring their intent to "do something about global warming?" ("Cool Cities adjust the heat," Sept. 8).

Look, fellow residents, if you want to choose more energy-efficient solutions for issues ranging from light bulbs to transportation, whether for reasons of economics or conscience, there's nothing wrong with that — I have made some of those choices myself.

But please don't delude yourselves into thinking that those choices will or can make a whit of difference in planetary temperatures. I could fill a very large portion of the available space in this newspaper with factually based rebuttals of popularly held, but incorrect, opinions on this issue, starting with that abomination to science that Al Gore gave us.

To demonstrate my point, try this news flash: The Earth isn't warming any more, and hasn't for about 10 years. Let me say that more clearly: The mean global temperature hasn't risen since 1998. What? How can that be, you say? You didn't see that on CNN, or read about it in the newspapers, or on the network news. Well, you can see it for yourself by performing a Web search for "1998-2005 Global Temperature" from the NOAA's web site (www.ncdc.noaa.gov). An excerpt: "...The 2005 global temperature was statistically indistinguishable from the standing record set in 1998. One data set, in use at NCDC since the late 1990s, produced a global annual temperature for 2005 that was slightly below 1998..."

So, the global average temperature has peaked — when temperatures start declining, which they soon will, will the fearmongers switch back to warning us about the coming ice age, as they did from 1895 into the 1930s, or the 1950s through the 1970s? Will the equally fabricated "consensus" of scientists admit that their cataclysmic predictions were, again, dead wrong?

Don't wait around to hear about that on CNN, or from the Sierra Club, either.

Rick Cook, Federal Way

Let's tax the churches

I wholeheartedly agree with Pat Gee's comments (letters to the editor, Sept. 8) on the new Casey Treat Christian Faith Center here in Federal Way.

It's about time we started taxing these mega-church-businesses. We are no longer talking about the little chapel in the meadow anymore. We're talking about a multi-acre multi-million dollar tax-free operation. While we continually increase our own property taxes just to keep our parks open and our fire crews working, this "church" doesn't pay one dime toward this effort.

And I also agree that the continued media coverage of this new operation doesn't look at both sides of this issue. Just take a look at today's Mirror cover (Sept. 8) — Christians passing out doughnuts to our "underpaid" teachers.

What is going on here? Some of your readers are not Christian, and I feel religions should stay away from our schools — tax the churches.

Jim Knapp, Auburn

New church is not a cult

Response to "Annoyed by a new church" (letters to the editor, Sept. 8):

Cult! Are you kidding me? I’ve been in a cult. I know what they’re like. Christian Faith Center (CFC) definitely is not a cult!

Has the person who wrote that letter ever been to CFC? Have you experienced the friendship and teaching? How can you judge something from afar? Do you go to any church?

Many years ago, I was in a cult. I was told what I could do and what I couldn’t do, who I could associate with, who I was not to associate with. I was told that if I didn’t abide by those rules and regulations, I didn’t have a chance of an afterlife. I sensed that something just wasn’t right.

I kept getting sicker and sicker. I was going to a doctor several times a week. He finally said, “I can’t understand why you’re here so often.” I blurted out, “I think I’m spiritually ill.” He invited me to attend his church. I was critical of anyone going to church and had my suspicions of where he was going.

As it turned out, it was a church that had a one-minute "Thought For Your Day" message on the radio. I went and cried through the whole service. I finally got it! God didn’t care where I’d been; he wanted to know where I wanted to go. It was through that church that I met Wendy Treat’s parents.

CFC is a church that presents a message that you can choose to accept or reject. That is what God says. Deuteronomy 30:19: “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, so that both you and your descendants may live.” The choice is yours. Nobody is going to condemn you or disown you because of your choices. You live with the consequences — positively or negatively.

Were you aware that CFC has an independent audit done every year? I trust them. They are trustworthy. I don’t give because I’m coerced or feel guilty. I give because I choose to give. The good news is that I am abundantly blessed by my Heavenly Father.

I’m excited to be here at this time. I’m a 72-year-old wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I am healthy, active and look forward to making a positive difference in the community. Just watch us and see!

By the way, I’ll be praying for you, brother. In fact, I will have my Connect Group pray for you as well.

Charlotte Jennings, Federal Way

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