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It was with interest that I read a front page article in the Jan. 6 edition of The Federal Way Mirror titled “Gov. proposes gay marriage.”

Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on either gay marriage or evolution, but I do consider myself a student of science for most of my 65 years. And I was married for almost 28 years and have two adult children, so I know a little about marriage.

We’re taught in evolutionary theory that the fittest among us survives, and that through a process called natural selection, a species can gradually change in order to better adapt to its environment.

So let’s consider the evolution of mankind. Evolution, or Mother Nature if you will, has in her wisdom developed a man and woman to be with each other sexually. Any school-age kid studying basic biology knows this.

Lest I be branded as homophobic for making this last point obvious, let me clarify. Only the ignorant among us will throw brands around when they feel threatened instead of entering into a rational discussion. I have no fear of homosexuality as the term homophobic implies, but I certainly don’t embrace it as being in the long-term best interests of the public good, either.

It’s argued, “what about love, equality and freedom?” Yes, what about these things? A brother and sister who are of age declare their love for each other and desire to get married. But society is aghast, “of course not we say.” But what about love, equality and freedom in this instance? These are given no consideration, and there’s good reason for it.

What about an older man and an underage girl who declare their love for each other and desire to marry? Again, what about love, equality and freedom? But again, as a society we give these things no consideration because there are overriding concerns.

In the same way, using the principles of love, equality and freedom as a justification for gay marriage is baseless. There are overriding considerations.

I try to donate blood whenever I qualify. Every time I go to the donation center, one of the questions is always the same: have I ever had sex with another man? It’s obvious to me why such a question is being asked. But even though it’s obvious, I still sometimes ask them why they ask it. “Is this an unhealthy behavior?” I’ll ask. The answer, without exception, using a slang term is, “Duh?”

Why isn’t it broadly publicized what percentage of gays have HIV/AIDS or some other STD? Oh, there are all sorts of statistics to be found. But what percentage is it within the gay community? It’s very difficult to find current data, especially in areas like San Francisco and Seattle. Sometimes I get the feeling that someone doesn’t want the general populace to know the truth.

Others will argue, how will it hurt heterosexual married couples if we permit gays to marry?

A short time ago, I heard a story about a woman who had just earned her doctorate degree. She was proud of it and felt quite honored that now she could be included in this select group of people. With diploma in hand, she went to her bank to get the title “Dr.” added to her name.

The bank associate was glad to help her, filled out the necessary paperwork, and told the woman that her new checks would arrive in the mail. “But what about my diploma?” she asked. “Aren’t you even going to look at it?” The bank associate told her it wasn’t necessary, and the woman went on her way.

The woman thought later, apparently just about anyone can get Dr. added to their name. They don’t even need a diploma.

Whether this story is true isn’t the point. The point is that in more and more states, being a heterosexual couple is no longer a prerequisite for marriage. If we approve same-sex marriages in our state, then gone is the honor felt by the men and women when marriage used to be reserved exclusively for them as they have helped to make our nation great.

And not only does the honor for healthy male/female marriages diminish, but from what I observe in the media, same-sex relationships are even more honored than traditional ones.

If we could discuss this with Mother Nature, I wonder what she would say about same-sex marriages.

I can’t help but think she would say that it doesn’t fit with the evolutionary design. Why honor and legalize a behavior that’s so greatly disease-ridden, therefore making more humans more unfit? And why diminish the honor of a man and woman who marry or who at least have the potential to procreate, even if they don’t?

If the movie makers and the media want to continue their barrage in favor of same-sex marriages in order to fool Americans into thinking that it’s in our best interests, then let it be on their heads as we eventually go the way the once great Roman Empire did.

With that, I will yield to the experts and the politicians who so obviously desire to ingratiate themselves to special interest groups, the health and what’s best for society as a whole be damned.

Larry Ebaugh, Des Moines


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