Legislature still has more work to do on school funding

Federal Way Public Schools will need to make targeted budget reductions over the next two years.

  • Monday, May 20, 2019 11:50am
  • Opinion
Sally McLean

Sally McLean

The legislative session has ended, and significant state funding inequities for Federal Way Public Schools (FWPS) remain. These impacts are tied to property values and result in our district receiving less money than other districts in the area.

Although there was increased K–12 monies in the area of special education funding, this change only results in a small increase for FWPS, and the district will need to make targeted budget reductions over the next two years.

Another outcome of the legislative session was lifting the amount local school districts could collect for levy dollars, above the current cap of $1.50 per thousand.

The FWPS Board of Directors and Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell have no interest in asking the local taxpayers for more money beyond what the voters authorized for 2019–2022. The district will operate within the allocated budget and continue to advocate for a legislative platform to fix the funding inequities for FWPS.

FWPS has a long track record of fiscal responsibility and will continue to invest taxpayer dollars where it matters the most — in our classrooms and in our schools. This includes competitive staff compensation to attract and retain the best and the brightest to serve our children.

The district will continue to invest in its strategic plan goals and commits to providing a high-quality education for each of the 23,000 scholars we serve.

The FWPS Board and Superintendent Campbell invite you to reach out to state legislators to address the funding gap that uniquely impacts Federal Way Public Schools.

If you would like to learn more about school funding impacts, contact 253-945-2264 or comments@fwps.org.

Sally McLean is the Chief Finance and Operations Officer for Federal Way Public Schools.

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