Johnson ready to best serve community

When asked if I would ever manage a campaign again, my answer is easy: “Only if I have a candidate like Jesse.”

It is really that simple. When Jesse Johnson asked me to be his campaign manager, I made it clear that I didn’t know what I was doing (I had never run a campaign before), but I was honored to be trusted with the process.

First things first, we met with elected officials, former candidates, campaign managers and city officials, learning all we could about the process and the mission ahead. It was overwhelming, the lists of things to do, the money we had to raise, the doors that Jesse had to knock on, but he has yet to be deterred.

Our initial financial goal has been met by 150 percent, and he’s knocked on thousands of doors, meeting the citizens of our great city and listening to their every thought, both in 100-degree heat and freezing rain. He is tireless in his efforts, so much so, sometimes I worry he forgets to eat.

Jesse and I have both worked full time, had family obligations and other surprising challenges come up throughout this campaign season, but he has remained steadfast in his dedication to the cause.

Jesse was aware that he was the “new guy” on the block going into this process, but he was unafraid to learn from others and then make sure his own message was clearly heard.

The city of Federal Way needs a new voice at the table, not a voice that panders to the community or votes in a way that gains him popularity just for the sake of it —he isn’t about talk, he’s about strategic planning and progressive action.

Will Jesse “fix” all of Federal Way’s issues in one City Council term in a Mayor-strong government?

Probably not.

Will Jesse do what the constituents want every time he votes?

Impossible. (There are too many differing opinions about what’s “right” for our City.)

Will he be active in our community, continue to listen to the people he represents and do his best to make informed and fair decisions?


Will he do research and make the best decisions based on evidence instead of emotion?

Yes, he will.

Will Jesse work as hard for you in the next four years as he has during this campaign to earn your vote?

Not a doubt in my mind.

Jesse Johnson trusted me to lead his campaign to a win on Nov. 7. I can’t imagine a candidate who works harder than Jesse, and there are times where I have felt I have failed him. I have repeatedly been humbled and honored to have watched him grow and develop into the amazing candidate before you, one who is beyond ready to take what he’s learned from the community and face this challenge with a honest heart and a desire to make Federal Way an even better place to live.

Jesse Johnson is the future of Federal Way.

Please join me in recognizing that. Vote Jesse Johnson for City Council Position No. 2.

Allison Fine Taylor, Federal Way

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