Jesse Johnson good choice for Federal Way City Council | Letter

We do not have to stand on the same side of the political spectrum to agree that we live in a particularly polarizing time. It is in these moments where we are forced to ask ourselves, “What kind of world will our children and the next generation be inheriting?” Our region needs thoughtful leaders who are guided by such questions. The city of Federal Way has an opportunity to elect an individual such as this – someone who is guided by values of transparency and mutuality, and exhibits a deep understanding of the needs and desires of the Federal Way community.

Jesse Johnson, a Federal Way local, has been working in the public-school arena since he graduated from the University of Washington with a masters degree in education. He has worked vigilantly to promote college readiness within the public school system and has also worked on programs that will bring well equipped teachers into public schools in a manner that is sustainable and oriented towards longevity.

In his campaign thus far, Jesse has shown a deep commitment to an ongoingly collaborative relationship with the Federal Way community. In addition to this, he has also exhibited a great depth of knowledge in regards to infrastructural problems that characterize the city of Federal Way. Jesse has clearly communicated his understanding that such infrastructural problems are deeply interconnected. Issues of substance abuse, experiences of houselessness, crime and violence, and rising housing prices exist in co-dependence with one another, and what Federal Way needs is a leader who is willing to grapple with the often convoluted and complex nature that is characteristic of a flourishing city’s infrastructure. Jesse’s great depth of knowledge, coupled with his commitment to thoughtful collaboration with the local community, allows him to be the most viable candidate for Federal Way City Council Position 2.

Michael Won, Shoreline

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