Government should not enable illegal drug use | Letter

A recent editorial article written by Rev. Chelsea Globe said that because her brother died of a heroin overdose in King County we should place safe injection sites in Federal Way. I am so sorry for your loss. But, unfortunately, what killed your brother was not the lack of government-sponsored and taxpayer-funded safe injection sites where addicts can continue to use. What killed your brother was his addiction.

The loss of life due to addiction locally is frightening and sad. But the premise that the government should enable the use of an illegal drug is so contrary to logic that, in itself, scares me more. As a resident, home owner and parent to five in Federal Way, I can’t think of a better way to destroy a community than to invite drugs into it. Drug abuse and all the secondary effects (crime) destroy communities and push out non-drug using, hard-working Americans who want to raise their children in a safe community. I applaud the courage of the Federal Way City Council and pray they continue to keep Federal Way safe.

Matthew Menza, Federal Way

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