Getting rid of guns not a good solution

When Karen Hedwig Backman writes letters to the Mirror, it is almost always on the subject of guns. She hates guns. I agree with her. Guns kill people. We should do away with guns.

I was in combat in Europe during World War II. I saw artillery kill people. We should do away with artillery. I saw airplanes drop bombs that killed people. We should do away with bombs. Oh, yes, there were also atomic bombs that killed people. We should do away with them, too.

When we do all that, then we have peace at last!

Oops! I just had another thought. When the government does away with the Second Amendment and the good guys (gladly?) give up all their weaponry, will the bad guys do the same? When we can be sure of that, I think it best that we don’t give all the advantage to the bad guys.

Leo Thoennes, Federal Way

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