Ferrell taking city in wrong direction

With all the election candidates making more promises they can’t or don’t intend to keep, I think it would be interesting to see voters’ reactions if the Mayor Jim Ferrell had to come clean about the Performing Arts & Event Center.

As I understand it, at least one $1 million-plus grant would become a loan due and payable if the city sells the facility within seven years. I also understand there’s a big loan that does exactly the same thing. I’m simply amazed anybody could fall for that. We have a nice facility that looks like a stack of equipment crates. We have been paying real good money to a staff that has no facility. Kind of makes one think about where the present mayor intends to take the city other than bankruptcy court.

The present mayor responded to gang violence with more police. That’s good, but has the present mayor even thought about seeking long, harsh prison sentences for convicted criminals? He should know, after being a prosecutor himself. Prosecutors love the plea bargain. Plead guilty to a lesser crime and avoid those harsh sentences. The prosecutor racks up a conviction. Only the public suffers when violent criminals get out early.

Mike Silvers, Federal Way

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