Federal Way no longer safe for residents

I had dinner with my family on Nov. 19 at Jimmy Mac’s off Pacific Highway at The Crossings shopping center. While I was having dinner, someone had broken my rear car window and stole my business bag. Everything in the bag had value, but they stole my hard drive, which contained my business information and also my personal information like my tax returns, etc.

In addition, I had my cell phone in the car that contained my pictures of my newborn and videos of her being born. It breaks my heart knowing that I have lost my newborn’s baby pictures. I have lived in Federal Way for 25 years, but everyone has to know that the city is not safe, and people should be aware of the criminal activities surrounding this city.

We need to bring awareness to the authorities and perhaps even to the FBI because these people changed my Amazon account and tried using my credit card in New York City. That means that it’s not just a petty burglary but organized criminals who are trying to steal people’s identities.

The Crossings shopping mall has numerous car break-ins, and many people have lost their items due to car break-ins. I have decided to move out of the city after living here for 25 years.

They said changes are good, but I miss the old Federal Way where it was safe to walk around Celebration Park at night or go walk on trails during the day. I have a family and two kids to raise, and this city has become an unsafe haven for families and a target for criminal minds to generate their wealth. I pray for this city and hope that one day it turns things around.

My message is for the residents and people from out of town to never leave items in their cars and be very wary of the criminals who are looming in the city. The City Council made a big mistake by approving low-income housing because, as a business owner and a long-time resident, I, along with many business owners and residents, will move to different cities.

Jason Kim, Federal Way

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