Federal Way Councilman Celski right to question spending of taxpayer money | Letter

Bob Roegner’s article Sept. 29, “Response to Schools Provide Leadership Test,” criticized Councilman Bob Celski about his questions during the City Council meeting that discussed the school bond issue. Roegner wrote, “But they undermined their own vote with their comments and unnecessarily provided an issue to their opponents.” If Roegner is suggesting that questioning the intentions of the local government to take Federal Way taxpayers’ money is a bad thing, then this is a myopic and misguided notion that is dangerous to any free society. In this case, the allocation of the bond created by taxpayers.

Roegner suggests that Celski’s priorities were in question regarding his concern for the community because he dared to ask multiple questions about the specifics of the bond. As a tired taxpayer who is exhausted by the over-taxation of everything in America, especially locally, with very little introspection by the common taxpayer, I thank Celski for his keen insight and ability to ensure someone is thinking more critically about how we spend our tax money or use local bonds. No one is questioning that aging schools in Federal Way need to be helped and repaired. The outcome of the meeting was everyone supported the initiative. But if questioning how we are going to allocate and move bond money usage around equates into poor priorities, and therefore suggests one can’t question our government’s intentions, then God help us because an unchecked government is ultimately a dangerous government, even at the local level.

Celski has my vote because I know he does not blindly accept every initiative that sounds like it is a purely noble cause. Many noble causes have been sold to the public to the detriment of the middle class or concluded with minimal results. The worst thing our elected officials can do is to not question what we plan to do with public resources.

Matthew Menza, Federal Way

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