Edwards will serve city well if elected | Letter

I attended the Mirrors’ candidate forum July 12 and was impressed with Sharry Edwards’ answers to the questions. Go online and watch the forum for yourself and see if you don’t walk away impressed. Not only was I impressed with her answers, I appreciate her energy level and thought her the most articulate.

Sharry has been serving our community as a nurse for many years and is known to stand up for patients and workers-safety rights. Patient safety is public safety, and I know she is someone who won’t be afraid to keep looking for funding and advocate for more officers to keep our community safe. She has stated that crime is a great concern of hers, and fully staffing our police is a priority.

Critics have questioned the number of police officers the city needs based on our crime rate. Sharry said she is in support of finding resources to fully fund our police. She said, “Anything can happen. Let’s not take a chance…,” going on to point out sick leave, the Family and Medical Leave Act, injuries and other reasons can cause short staffing. She’s expressed we need to be prepared.

Sharry has won many awards for her service to our community. I wholeheartedly stand behind her and her goal to serve the community in yet another way, as a member of the Federal Way City Council.

Catherine North, Federal Way

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