Commons mall has not changed for the better | Letter

We moved to Federal Way almost 20 years ago to get away from the SeaTac airport and the constant flights over our home in Boulevard Park. We were sure this would be our forever home, since we are both retired and were very happy to be so close to SeaTac Mall, also known as The Commons of Federal Way.

When the name changed to The Commons of Federal Way, then-Councilwoman Mary Gates decided SeaTac Mall was just like calling it another mall. Really? So what was wrong with that? Now, several years later, there are fewer and fewer shoppers going into the “mall” because first they changed the food court and moved others around. Finally, many of the places in the food court found it was too pricey to stay there because the rent was too high. Now there are fewer places for people to eat at SeaTac Mall, but there are so many restaurants along 320th that there is little parking, even to go to the movies.

We used to like going to SeaTac Mall because it was suited to all walks of life. Middle, upper and, yes, even lower-income families were able to find shops to go into and find suitable prices. The mall was also close to our home, and there was not as much traffic on the roads. But boy has it changed. On any given day there is less parking in front of the mall for those shopping at the mall because the only people in there are either at the theaters or were unable to find parking at the big restaurants across the street. The only place at the mall that is busy most of the year is Target.

So, in my opinion, Federal Way City Council, you people blew it when you tried to change SeaTac Mall into a Bellevue high-end shopping center.

Since our home here in Federal Way is our forever home, we will have to look for other places to shop. Tacoma Mall is a thought, or I may even make my way to South Center when I feel like fighting the traffic on I-5.

Patsy Gee, Federal Way

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