City’s branding project too spendy | Letter to the editor

On Feb. 21, I attended our City Council meeting. I was shocked to learn that the council had already spent $40,000 on something called “city branding,” and they propose to spend $60,000 more. Should this project be implemented, it would cost roughly another $600,000 to repaint all existing logos and symbols on city vehicles, change signage, get new stationery, etc.

Rusty George & Co. was hired to create a new city symbol and logo. They came up with a logo “centered on opportunity” and two new symbols.

I believe that to spend money on this project is insane. This is especially true when the council is looking to raise our taxes in order to hire more police officers —rightly so, as this is where we should spend our money.

I don’t remember a public hearing on this issue. I do remember that Susan Honda and Kelly Maloney have been pushing this branding idea for some time. However, with the recent murders and budget shortages, I thought this idea would be dead.

Some years ago, the council spent over $100,000 on a new slogan for the city. A company came up with something like “within reach of everything” or “near to everything.” This was never used.

If we need to re-brand our city, let’s hold a contest. There are many talented people in our city who would jump at the chance to create a city symbol and logo. Offer some recognition and a $1,000 check to the winner, and you’ll get plenty of ideas.

In the meantime, let’s have a public hearing on this costly proposal.

Michael Kun, Federal Way