City needs to be wise in spending

Letter to the Editor

City needs to be wise in spending

In the June 22 issue of the Mirror, Norma Blanchard wrote an excellent letter about the many issues that face the city of Federal Way. I’d like to add my “two cents” to the discussion about the spending habits of the city.

On page 6 of the same issue, there is a picture of the groundbreaking for the Panther Lake Loop Trail. The June 15 issue of the Mirror has an article about the trail that says “Primary funding for the project comes from King County Trails Levy along with some city funds.” Nowhere does it say how much the project is going to cost and how much the city will be paying. As part of the city’s financial problem the Parks Department says it does not have enough money to maintain all the parks and open spaces they have, yet they are adding more. Why? I’m sure that the funds for this construction are in the Capital Budget; why not spend the money on a capital project that improves what already exists? Why spend the money on something that there may not be money to maintain?

On the front page of the June 22 issue of the paper is the news of the proposed name change for South 320th Street. The article says the the “estimated cost” for the new signage will be “about $75,000.” I doubt that approximately five miles of surface street signs plus the signs for Interstate 5 can be done for that price. The article ends by saying, “The mayor is open to considering some process where businesses and residents could be reimbursed for their costs associated with the change.” My wife and I are both proud Navy veterans. In light of the city’s financial situation this is the wrong thing to spend money on at this time. If the money must be spent, spend it on existing veterans programs. (Editor’s note: Since the writing of this letter, the mayor has announced 320th Street won’t be renamed.)

It seems to me that the old expression “spending money like a drunken Sailor” applies. As a side note, this letter is written as a 36-year resident of Federal Way, not as a Lakehaven Water and Sewer District commissioner.

Peter Sanchez, Federal Way

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