Celski best candidate for Federal Way council Position 2

I watched the candidate debate/forum on Oct. 11. Thank you for sponsoring the internet broadcast of this event for the community. However, it was difficult to hear each of the candidates clearly. I was grateful to see the transcripts of some of their statements on Facebook. One of the things that became clear to me was the sincere desire in all the candidates to serve the community. I have had the privilege of meeting several of the city councilmembers in the past and have always found a commitment to community in all of them.

I have had the privilege of being a friend of Bob and Sue Celski for over 45 years. I have competed with and against Bob on the football field and in business. As a lineman supporting my running back as we fought our gridiron battles to competing for the best candidate to enlisting in the U.S. Army, we have been entwined in the fabric and history of this community. I point this out only to give a foundation to the statements I am going to make.

As an officer in the U.S. Army, Bob’s responsibility was to solve problems, make hard decisions and provide realistic courses of action. This with the well-being of those that serve with him foremost in his mind. That is the approach Bob Celski has always used in serving this community. His integrity would not allow him to propose ideas or make promises that are unfundable or unrealistic. His engineering and accounting background gives him a realistic understanding of what can be accomplished and his experience in government, the insights to the sources and programs that can be accessed and used for the betterment of our community. Bob Celski’s relationship with the community of Federal Way has been truly a blessing to this community. His willingness to stand up for veterans, support the programs of the Multi-Service Center, Reach Out Federal Way, Fusion and work for economic development and social improvements as well as being active here in his church community, are all the elements of a great leader and representative of all the people in this community.

While I applaud each of the candidates for stepping up to serve the community, I feel that Bob Celski is the best candidate for Position No. 2 on the Federal Way City Council.

Richard Garmong, Tacoma

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