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Keep your bong at home, but not your kids | Q&A with Mr. Federal Way

Federal Way Mirror columnist
April 22, 2014 · 2:49 PM

Mr. Federal Way / File photo

Q: Mr. Federal Way, I saw someone in the parking lot of a popular restaurant in our city smoking a bong pipe. Is this allowed in Federal Way? Do you care to comment?

A: Mr. Federal Way would love to comment, thanks for asking. Despite Washington voters legalizing marijuana last year, it’s still illegal to smoke a bong pipe in a public place, even if it’s a popular restaurant in Federal Way.

The marijuana laws in Washington are pretty similar to the alcohol laws when it comes to consuming in public.

Unlike Las Vegas, you can’t walk down the streets of Federal Way with an open Bud Light. It’s the same thing with a bong or joint. It’s illegal to be in public smoking a doobie. The police department looks down on this and can issue a ticket to marijuana smokers.

Initiative 502 was approved in November 2012 and defined and legalized small amounts of marijuana-related products for adults 21 and over.

The measure taxes marijuana-related products and designates the revenue for healthcare and substance-abuse prevention and education.

Possession by anyone younger than 21, possession of larger amounts, and the growing of unlicensed or unregulated marijuana remains illegal under state law.

If you need to smoke weed, just do it at home or head back to your Jeff Spicoli van. Mr. Federal Way doesn’t need to see your bong pipe.

Q: Mr. Federal Way, did you know that last week was spring break for the school district and that kids now have Thursday and Friday off this week? Seems pretty ridiculous to me.

A: Yes, it also seems pretty ridiculous to Mr. Federal Way. The children in the Federal Way school district have attended school three days in the last two weeks.

All Federal Way students had Thursday and Friday off for student-led conferences. According to the district’s website, student-led conferences create a partnership between the home and the school.

In today’s world, it’s a rarity that a home in the Federal Way school district isn’t either a single-parent household or a household where both parents have to work to pay the bills. This means it’s very tough to take any time off of work, let alone organize childcare for the entire week of spring break and then to come back the next week and have to organize two more days of childcare.

It’s makes no sense.

It’s unfair to parents and students, but it’s also unfair to teachers. After having a week off of school, it takes a few days for the students to get back into the grind of things.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the transition days from being on spring break mode to school mode.

So the kids would be getting back into the grove on Thursday, only to have the day off.

What was the purpose of even going back to school Monday through Wednesday? Speaking for Mr. Federal Way’s kids, there was no point. They weren’t assigned any homework and were more excited to plan out what they were going to do on their days off Thursday and Friday.

Making matters worse is the fact that the student-led conferences are optional and Mr. Federal Way’s kids did not even have to attend.

There’s really no reason for the kids who are doing well in school to attend these conferences.

Maybe next year, the district can plan out their calendar a little better.

Q: Mr. Federal Way, did you know there was a Federal Way woman on “The Voice?” Do you watch “The Voice?” Who do you think the best-looking judge is — Shakira, Adam Levine or Usher?

A: None of your business.

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