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Teaching kids the value of helping others | Q&A with Mr. Federal Way

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April 13, 2014 · Updated 6:06 PM

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Q: Mr. Federal Way, did you know that the Federal Way Public Academy (FWPA) is helping orphan kids in Kenya to receive an education? It’s such a great cause and such a great thing for the students of Federal Way to take part in.

A: Mr. Federal Way just read about the relationship between FWPA and the Crossroads Springs Institute in Hamisi, Kenya, on the Mirror’s website. Talk about a worthwhile endeavor by the FWPA kids. Such a great thing.

Crossroads Springs Institute is a school for children who are impacted by the AIDS epidemic. It was established in 2004, and their mission is to provide care and support for orphan children, teaching them skills for eventual self-sufficiency.

The annual FWPA carnival raises more than $1,000 each year for the school. These donations have provided school uniforms, a water well, building materials for a new dormitory wing, physical education equipment, shoes, socks and school supplies.

Stuff like this is what school is for — teaching life lessons and preparing students for the “real world.”

According to Mr. Federal Way, raising money for the Crossroads Springs Institute is way, way more valuable to producing a well-rounded student than any algebra test or standards-based grading could be. And that’s exactly what FWPA’s Community Service Learning program is doing.

FWPA has a steadfast rule that all of its students have to participate in the Community Service Learning (CSL) program, which is a pretty cool deal. Sixth graders must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours, seventh-graders have to give 20 hours and eighth through 10th-graders must volunteer 30 hours. They also have to complete a community service essay detailing what inspired them, the amount of time devoted and the impact of their efforts on both them and the community served.

Mr. and Mrs. Federal Way are always trying to teach our kids how lucky they are to be living where they live. They take everything for granted, which is mostly the fault of Mr. and Mrs. Federal Way.

This week’s spring break was a prime example. Mr. Federal Way had the unbelievable task of “forcing” the kids to turn off the XBox and go outside to play during the unseasonably sunny days earlier in the week. It’s so very frustrating.

“Dad, there’s nothing for us to do outside. We will go outside if you go buy us a badminton net. Can I take my iPad outside and watch a movie?”

Are you serious? Talk about first-world problems.

Several FWPA students have had the opportunity to visit Crossroads Springs Institute students, who have shared their experiences with the FWPA student body. For more information on Crossroads Springs Institute, visit crossroadssprings.org.

Q: What needs to be done to stop all the rampant mail theft in Federal Way? The mailboxes at our complex are broken into on a weekly basis and now even the post office is closing early because of “security concerns.” The police have no authority since it’s a federal crime, so nothing seems to be happening to keep this type of crime from occuring. These thieves are having their way in Federal Way and nothing is being done to stop them.

A: There’s not much more that Mr. Federal Way can add to your question. You pretty much said it all.

Mr. Federal Way doesn’t have a clue what to do about mail theft. It is such a cowardly act to steal somebody’s mail. It’s an even more cowardly act when somebody steals your mail from a locked box. Talk about a wussy move.

According to the United States Postal Service, here are a few ideas to protect your mail.

• Use the letter slots at your post office to mail letters, or give them to a letter carrier.

• Pick up your mail promptly after delivery. Don’t leave it in your mailbox overnight.

• Don’t send cash in the mail.

• Ask your bank for “secure” checks that can’t be altered.

• Tell your post office when you’ll be out of town, so they can hold your mail until you return.

Mr. Federal Way knows these aren’t the answers you are looking for, but it’s all Mr. Federal Way has to offer. Good luck.

Q: Mr. Federal Way, I cut out your hot/spicy chicken wing recipe several months ago and bought the Frank’s Red Hot wing buffalo sauce, and now that I’m going to make the recipe, I cannot find it. Would you be able to email me the recipe?

A: Mr. Federal Way assumes you have zero access to the Internet? But that can’t be the case because you asked Mr. Federal Way to “email” you a copy of the recipe.

In the future, you can search the Mirror’s website for past stories. Just type in “spicy chicken wings recipe” and the old Mr. Federal Way story will pop right up on your screen.

But, as a favor, Mr. Federal Way will take valuable space and re-print the recipe just for you.

Place two cups of Frank’s Hot Sauce, 1/2-cup of margarine and one tablespoon each of dry parsley, dried onions, granulated garlic and ground sage in a pan over medium heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Add five pounds of chicken wings to a 350-degree deep-fat fryer and cook for 10 minutes. Lastly, put all the wings into the sauce, dip in Ranch dressing and feel guilty after eating. You’re welcome.

Q: Mr. Federal Way, if you were being executed, what would be your last meal?

A: None of your business.

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