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Q&A with Mr. Federal Way: 9/11 memorial, Diamond Jim’s

Federal Way Mirror columnist
September 20, 2013 · 9:05 AM

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Q: Whatever happened to the steel beam that the firefighters brought back from World Trade Center in New York City? I thought it was supposed to be installed by now at the fire station on 320th Street near Military Road? I donated money to help with that project. Did they receive enough donations to get it installed, or do they still need more money? I was really looking forward to that being erected there.

A: The steel beam from the World Trade Center, along with a rock from the plane crash site in Pennsylvania, are still slated to be centerpieces of a future memorial at South King Fire and Rescue Station 64. It’s just taking a little longer than expected to put it together.

The memorial was originally scheduled to open this year, but Mr. Federal Way has learned (by reading the Federal Way Mirror) that construction was delayed due to funding and changes in design. According to the fire department, the anticipated opening day will be Sept. 11, 2014.

The whole 9/11 memorial coming to Federal Way is a pretty cool story. On the 10-year anniversary, firefighters Scott Mahlen and Sven Schievink drove from Federal Way to New York to retrieve the steel beam that came down with the twin towers.

Like everybody else, Mr. Federal Way cannot believe that it’s been 12 years since that fateful day. It seems like yesterday that everyone was glued in front of the television in horror when the towers came down.

The memorial will be another link between Federal Way and 9/11. The Federal Way School Board named its newest high school, Todd Beamer, after the passenger on United Airlines Flight 93 who led a revolt against the hijackers in Pennsylvania. Todd Beamer High School opened in 2003.

The 9/11 memorial in Federal Way is expected to cost about $25,000. Those who wish to donate may call (253) 946-7240 or email gordon.olson@southkingfire.org. Any extra proceeds will go toward 9/11 victim funds.

Q: Recently, I noticed that Diamond Jim’s Restaurant has a “sorry we closed” sign on the door. Do you have any information about this? Is this a temporary closure?

A: As far as Mr. Federal Way can tell, the restaurant near The Commons mall is closed for good. Which is a shame.

The place, which was open for decades at 1616 S. 325th St., closed about a week ago, according to Mr. Federal Way’s intel. A call to Diamond Jim’s phone number by Mr. Federal Way yielded a full voicemail box.

Mr. Federal Way remembers eating some pretty good and hearty breakfasts at Diamond Jim’s after a few nights of indulging in a few too many adult beverages while Mr. Federal Way was in his 20s. Mr. Federal Way remembers the taste of the omelets and hash browns at Diamond Jim’s, along with the smell of cigarette smoke. Good times.

Q: My kid started middle school this year but, unlike elementary school, she can’t take the bus to school because we live within a mile of the school. This is kind of upsetting. What’s your opinion, Mr. Federal Way?

A: Mr. Federal Way was also a little perplexed at the school district’s busing policy, which states that if a household is within a mile of the school, no bus will come in most cases. It’s a cost-cutting method by the district.

Mr. Federal Way’s family happens to live within a mile of the middle school that Mr. Federal Way’s kids attended. And the walk just happens to be on a busy road that doesn’t have any sidewalks. It means that Mr. and Mrs. Federal Way were forced to take time out of busy schedules to take and pick up every day before and after school because there was no way Mr. and Mrs. Federal Way were going to let them walk.

Mr. Federal Way assumes that nothing is going to change with the busing policy. But Mr. Federal Way wouldn’t mind a closer look at the pros and cons.


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