Woman gets scammed in Facebook dog deal

Domestic assault: At 4:40 p.m. Aug. 7 near the 2000 block of South 331st Street, a woman reported that her cousin had held a knife to her back during an incident about money that occured at the listed residence, where they both live. There were no injuries to the woman, and the cousin was arrested for first-degree assault and domestic violence.

Trespass: At 11:05 a.m. Aug. 6 near the 34000 block of Pacific Highway South, police responded to the business at the listed address, a Chevron gas station, for a report of a man drinking behind the business. The caller requested a trespass. Upon arrival, police made contact with a suspect matching the description with an open can of beer in his hand. The suspect was identified, and police found he had a warrant for trespassing from the city of Federal Way. He was arrested. The subject was trespassed from the business and transported to SCORE jail. A backpack with his personal property was transported with him. Two trash bags with miscellaneous garbage belonging to him were thrown away.

Knife attack: At 7:51 a.m. Aug. 5 near the 27000 block of Pacific Highway South, the victim reported she needed an ambulance because she had been cut, and the person who cut her was on scene with her. Officers arrived and made contact with the victim, who pointed out the suspect, her boyfriend of six years. The suspect was placed into custody. The victim suffered a large laceration to her left outer upper arm. She was transported to St. Francis for further medical attention.

Gunshot: At 5:02 p.m. Aug. 5 near the 2200 block of South 312th Street, a woman reported that she heard shots around midnight the night before and when she awoke, she discovered a bullet hole in her cabinet door and exterior wall. Police responded and booked the evidence accordingly.

Possible assault: At 12:21 Aug. 4 near the 500 block of South 320th Street, a victim was seen lying on the ground at the listed location and a passerby called the police. When officers arrived, they attempted to obtain information from the victim, but the victim refused to cooperate with the investigation. A possible suspect was identified. The victim was transported to St. Francis for further medical attention.

Assault: At 4:44 p.m. Aug. 4 near the 800 block of SW 363rd Street, two victims were confronted by one victim’s ex-boyfriend. Apparently the ex-boyfriend produced a pistol and threatened both with bodily harm before stealing his ex-girlfriend’s purse and fleeing as she began calling 911.

Defamation: At 10:55 p.m. Aug. 3 near the 32000 block of 1st Lane SW, police responded to a reporting party claiming that his ex-girlfriend stole his wallet and phone. The caller also stated his ex gained access to his Facebook page and defamed him.

Theft with a weapon: At 6:38 p.m. Aug. 3 near the 34000 block of 1st Way South, a victim reported to police that an unknown male entered his car, pointed a semi-automatic pistol at him and demanded he hand over his phone. The suspect left in a beat-up green SUV. The Find my iPhone app was activated and the phone was recovered after it had been discarded near WinCo. The case containing the victim’s credit cards and ID were gone. The phone was processed for latent prints.

Found handgun: At 12:20 a.m. Aug. 2 near the 1300 block of South 324th Street, an employee of Billy McHale’s called police to report a handgun found in the restaurant bathroom. A male approached the employee and attempted to retrieve the gun, but was told he’d need to contact Federal Way police to obtain it. Officers responded and took the gun for safekeeping. The male owner contacted dispatch to learn how to retrieve his handgun. The gun was booked into evidence for safekeeping until he was able to retrieve it.

Facebook dog purchase: At 5:03 p.m. Aug. 2 near the 27000 block of Pacific Highway South, the victim reportedly purchased a dog via Facebook, but after she wired the money the dog never came. She was asked to wire more money and became suspicious with the repetitive texts. After police conducted an initial investigation, it seems that the victim was involved in an international money scam.

Armed threat: At 10:35 a.m. Aug. 1 near the 27000 block of Pacific Highway South, police responded to a call at the listed address about a suspect sitting in his vehicle. The suspect then supposedly pulled out a pistol and threatened to kill the victim when confronted. Area checks for the suspect were unsuccessful.

Family assault: At 9:41 p.m. Aug. 1 near the 31000 block of 51st Lane SW, police responded to a suspect and his mother involved in a physical domestic dispute. The suspect pushed his mother to the ground, causing pain and visible injury. The suspect was arrested and booked into SCORE jail.

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