Unattended stove starts apartment fire in Federal Way

Following is a sample from the Federal Way police log:

Apartment fire: On June 1 at 108 S. 339th Circle, police and fire personnel worked to fight an apartment fire that affected all four units in the building. Four residents were transported to the hospital. An adult female and a 12-year-old male were transported to Harborview Medical Center as a result of jumping from the second-floor balcony. Fire personnel stated that the fire was caused by someone cooking food on the stove, which was left unattended.

Armed robbery: On June 1 at Subway, 29017 Military Road S., an unknown white male entered the restaurant and robbed it at gunpoint. There were two female employees and no other customers in the store. No injuries observed or reported. Suspect fled with cash.

Double warrants: On May 31 at Joann Fabrics, 31523 Pacific Highway S., police responded to call about a suspicious subject who had blocked a customer from leaving the store. The subject was described as a black male wearing a black baseball cap, brown/black coat, brown shirt and light blue jeans. Police located the man standing in front of the store. He was approached and frisked for weapons. A small knife was found. It was determined that the subject had two warrants, one from Tukwila and one from Pierce County. He was booked into jail without incident.

Not quite Imelda Marcos: On May 30 in the 32000 block of 22nd Avenue SW, an unknown person made unlawful entry into the victim’s locked attached garage and stole approximately 20 pairs of shoes he said are worth about $4,500.

Too fast: On June 1 at 301 S. 320th St., police received a call from a witness stating that a black Dodge Caliber drove through the parking lot at a high rate of speed. A female, unknown race, appeared to fall out of the vehicle’s passenger side. The female was described as being about 20 years old, 5-feet-4-inches tall with a thin build. The female got up and walked across 320th Street into the wooded area. The vehicle drove off and later returned possibly looking for the female. The driver of the vehicle was described as being a male, unknown race, with shaved black hair. The witness made contact with the female. She declined aid and was last seen standing by the bus stop on S. 320th near 1st Avenue S. The vehicle registered to a female in Tacoma. A welfare check with Tacoma PD was requested.

Spit and run: On June 2 31000 block of 8th Avenue S., a car with two people pulled up to a light. When the car in front of them stalled at the light, the car in the back honked at the stalled car. They then pulled up next to the driver’s side of the stalled car. The driver spit at the passenger and got saliva on the driver. The suspect drove away as the victim and witness gathered the suspect’s vehicle information and called 911

Hotel helper: On June 2 at Econo Lodge, 1505 S. 328th St., police responded to a theft from a vehicle. An employee said he contacted a subject near the fire exit in the building and asked him to leave. The subject then walked over to his vehicle, which was in the parking lot, and pulled it up behind another truck, which belongs to the company. The subject began grabbing items from the open bed of the truck. The front desk employee ran out to stop the subject. The subject got in his vehicle and left, stealing a Ryobi hedge trimmer and battery valued at about $158. The front desk employee gave a name for a suspect, but police were unable not able to locate him.

Smashed window: On June 2 at the King County Aquatic Center, an unknown suspect smashed the window of a parked vehicle and stole the owner’s purse. Besides the purse, the victim’s bank cards and checkbook were also stolen. Victim was advised to contact her financial institutions immediately.

Traffic hazard: On June 2, police were dispatched to the intersection of Pacific Highway South and South 320th Street regarding a homeless man that was running in and out of the traffic. He threw a rock at a vehicle passing by. The occupant of the vehicle attempted to confront the man. Police arrived and took the man into custody for malicious mischief. He was booked without incident.

Cab robbed: On June 3, a Yellow Cab taxi driver was robbed at gunpoint after dropping a fare off in the 2100 block of SW 346th Street.

Stolen bike: On June 3 in the 1900 block of South 320th Street, a male told police that during the time that he and a friend had lunch, his bike was stolen. The bike had been locked to a pole. The bike, a DynaCraft, is valued at $180. The male was unable to provide a serial number for the bike. There are no suspects.

Got scammed: On May 30 in the 32000 block of 1st Avenue South, an unknown suspect called the victim and offered to fix his printer. The suspect instructed the victim to buy several gift cards in payment for fixing his printer. The victim bought $ 2,000 worth of Google cards and Target cards. The victim then sent the PIN to the suspect, but the printer wasn’t fixed.

Response teams working together: On May 30, Federal Way police assisted a firefighters with a brush fire located in a homeless camp in the vicinity of 29868 Pacific Highway S. Fire was extinguished without incident.

Items stolen from car: On May 30 in the 500 block of SW 298th Street, an unknown suspect unlawfully entered the victim’s vehicle, which had been left unlocked overnight in the driveway. No damage on victim’s vehicle. The suspect stole the victim’s Harbor Stone Credit Union debit card. It was used to Starbucks on South 320 Street to purchase merchandise. The victim contacted Starbucks for surveillance.

Theft in progress: On May 30 at Rite Aid, 32015 Pacific Hwy. S., police responded to an in-progress theft. Officers located the suspect walking away from the scene and detained him without incident. The suspect was found to be in possession of $168.17 of stolen property from the store as well as other stolen property from a nearby business. Subject was arrested and booked.

Skateboard as weapon: On May 30 in the 31000 block of 10th Court SW, a victim reported that he was assaulted by another person, striking him in the face with a skateboard following a dispute. No relationship between the two people. The suspect was booked into jail.

I’m OK, just leave me alone: On May 30 in the 33000 block of 18th Place South, police responded to a welfare check. Upon arrival, officers found the subject had locked himself in his apartment and refused to open the door. After unsuccessfully attempting to have the subject open the door, officers left due to no crimes committed and no lives being in danger.

K-9 dog assisted: On May 31 in the 3600 block of 6th Avenue SW, police located a vehicle that had been reported as stolen. A high-risk stop was initiated in the area and the vehicle fled from the scene. A pursuit was initiated and when the vehicle voluntarily came to a stop, the driver fled on foot. A K-9 track was conducted, but the suspect was not found. The vehicle was released to the registered owner.

School money box stolen: On May 25, Thomas Jefferson High School administrators reported that money had been taken from an unsecured money box during a Friday night dance. An interview with several students and a check of cameras met with negative results for suspect information. Total loss is $130.

Home burglarized: On May 31 in the 900 block of SW Campus Drive, a resident returned home and discovered her front door was unlocked. She said the door is always locked. Inside she discovered her apartment had been torn up and several electronics were missing. This included multiple TVs, gaming systems and computers. There is a possible suspect.

Attempted fraud: On May 31 at Dairy Queen, 2305 SW 336th Street, two males and one female entered the restaurant and ordered food. The female handed the employee a counterfeit $100 bill. The employee immediately recognized the bill as counterfeit and attempted to stall them. 911 was called, but all involved parties had left the restaurant prior to police arrival. They fled on foot in an unknown direction. Digital photos of the suspects from the surveillance footage have been added to the case. The counterfeit bill was seized and booked into evidence.

Reluctant thief: On May 31 in the 2500 block of South 316th Lane, police spoke to a reporting party regarding a recent theft at her place of employment. On May 28, a person stole some plants from the business. The theft was caught on surveillance footage. The reporting party knew the person who took the plants. The suspect brought the plants back the next day and told the reporting party that she only took the plants so she could re-pot them and bring them back. No charges were filed. The plants were valued at about $30.

Police being harassed: Police were involved in a civil standby situation May 31 in the 35000th block of 21st Avenue SW. The officers involved were under constant harassment and belittling by a woman who acted as though she might be under the influence of a narcotic or some other issue. Her behavior was bizarre given the circumstances of why they were there and given that she wasn’t in any trouble. The woman yelled at them to leave, but then blocked the cruiser in with her car and only moved it under threat of a tow.

Be a good neighbor: On May 31 in the 100 block of SW Campus Drive, police responded to a fight in progress. It was revealed that the fight started over a parking stall within the apartment complex. A witness said the fight appeared to be mutual. Both parties are neighbors. They worked out their differences, shook hands and apologized to each other.

But I just leased this house: On May 31 in the 300 block of 32nd Avenue SW, a woman called 911 to report that someone had occupied a home that she had just leased. It was determined that she had been the victim of a real estate fraud of $3,000.

Candy was really medicine: On May 31 in the 300 block of 2nd Place SW, police received a phone report from the mother of a young victim. Mother relayed that a suspect had given her son a piece of “candy” on the bus. After the victim had consumed the candy, the suspect admitted to giving the victim medication. Investigation determined there were two victims of the same suspect.

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