Man wielding knife arrested after fleeing on foot, hiding from police

The following is a sample of the Federal Way Police Blotter.

June 3

Parking lot accident: At approximately 12:09 p.m. near the 18100 block of S. 320th St., two drivers were both traveling through a parking lot at the listed address. The driver of vehicle one hit the gas instead of the brake and tried to swerve to avoid the second vehicle. Vehicle one hit the bumper of vehicle two and then drove onto the sidewalk, hitting a bench. The vehicle had major front-end damage and was towed. There were no reported injuries.

June 4

Firearm theft: At approximately 8:42 p.m. near the 3400 block of SW 340th Place, a victim called 911 to report his firearm had been stolen from his residence. He had returned home to find another male in his residence with his girlfriend. When he went to see if his handgun was still where he kept it, it was missing. He is unsure if the unwanted male took it.

June 5

Reckless burn: At approximately 4:33 a.m. near the 100 block of S. 312th St., a female suspect was contacted by FWPD after starting a brush fire. After the female’s identity was confirmed, it was determined she had a warrant out of Auburn. She was booked into SCORE without incident.

June 6

Burglary: At approximately 1:03 p.m. near the 100 block of S. 331st Place, the victim reported to police that someone entered his residence unlawfully sometime between June 2-5. The victim said he left his door unlocked while he went to the laundry room and returned to find his keys missing along with an envelope containing cash and a money order. He did not immediately report the burglary. He later told police an unknown female in her 40s used the keys to enter his apartment, but fled once she saw the victim inside. According to the manager, the victim then demanded that his locks be changed. Management said they would not change the locks without a police report. There is no further suspect information at this time.

Assault: At approximately 8:11 a.m. near the 120 block of S. 331st Place, police responded to a suspicious persons call. A male was seen yelling and glass was heard breaking. The male also had blood on his hand. Officers were able to find the subject and confirmed he was bleeding, but he refused to stop and speak with officers. Officers were also able to locate a unit with a smashed and bloodied window and a kicked-in front door. The person inside had minor injuries from an assault. The second male stated he had been involved in a domestic violent incident with his partner, however he refused to cooperate with the investigation. The male with the cut hand was located nearby and arrested for assault. Medical aid was provided to both on scene, and the first male was booked into SCORE.

June 8

Breaking windows: At approximately 6:34 a.m. near the 29400 block of Pacific Highway S., the reporting party stated he witnessed a male breaking the window to the listed apartment. The male stated he lived in the apartment but then walked away and did not attempt to enter. No one answered the door to the apartment when officers knocked, and management was not available to tell officers who lived in the residence.

Assault: At approximately 11:39 p.m. near the 31500 block of Pacific Highway S., several people called 911 about a fight at the 85C Bakery. The fight involved subjects known to each other. The aggressors then left the area in a vehicle. Officers located the vehicle and suspects at an address in Twin Lakes. The victim at the bakery was assaulted by the aggressors, and one of the suspects is the victim’s roommate. Video footage confirmed the victim had been assaulted by the male roommate and a female involved in a different feud the day before. Both aggressors were booked into SCORE for assault.

June 9

Reckless burning: At approximately 10:05 p.m. near the BPA Trail, two transients started a camp fire in a restricted conservation area of the trail. A large amount of smoke caught the attention of the softball tournament attendees who alerted city parks staff. The staff attempted to get the two transients to vacate, however this was unsuccessful so the parks staff called the police. Fire also responded and extinguished the fire. Both transients were issued notices of expulsion.

Illegal discharge: At approximately 8:14 near the 29800 block of 18th Ave. S., police responded to a possible illegal discharge in a vacant home. Upon investigation, it appeared several transients were living inside the residence. A male was positively identified and returned with a confirmed catch and release warrant. The male was issued a new court date.

June 10

Assault with firearm: At approximately 1:45 p.m. near the 2400 block of S. Star Lake Road, a victim was parked in a parking lot waiting for her girlfriend to arrive. She then heard a male yelling, and as he approached her car she told him she was armed. The male subject then produced a handgun and pointed it at her. The victim revved her vehicle and the male fled. It was later determined the male may have been the boyfriend of the female living at the residence.

Patrol car damage: At approximately 5:32 p.m. near the 2100 block of SW 322nd St., a male victim called 911 to report damage to his take-home patrol car parked on the side of his home. A suspect broke out the rear passenger side window of his patrol car. The victim is currently employed as a police officer with the city of Pacific. No other damage was reported or observed. It appears the suspect did not gain entry to the vehicle. An officer canvassed the area and spoke to neighbors, but no one reported seeing anything. No security cameras were covering the area where the victim’s car was parked. No suspect information is available at this time.

June 11

Male weilding knife: At approximately 8:27 p.m. near the 29000 block of 23rd Place S., officers responded to the Villa Capri apartments to a male in possession of a large knife. Witnesses stated the male was not making threats but was acting strangely. Officers located the male who then fled on foot. Officers eventually located him at the listed address concealing himself from police. The male was positively identified and was found to have a warrant out for his arrest. He was then transported to the hospital for concerns of a suspected overdose. At the hospital, the male was released into the custody of Department of Corrections officers for observation and booking. The knives he possessed were booked into evidence. He also possessed a glass pipe common for smoking methamphetamine, which was disposed of for bio-hazard concerns.

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